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Music on Hold and Custom Message on Hold

Call accounting is the ability to see and allocate costs for each and every call made in your office. Some companies use it because they have different departments and want to allocate cost centres. Other companies are more interested in playing big brother and seeing if their staff are abusing call privileges.

You might be interested in none, one or both but call accounting is a great way to keep costs in check and let staff know not to take liberties with your money!

Call accounting is relatively inexpensive and can be added to any phone system. Some phone systems have a call accounting option but the best call accounting is from third party companies like phone control and the like that have built specialized platforms exclusively for this purpose.

There are also some one with build-in telegram on retain capabilities and one designate for small businesses without an comprehensive telephone system.

Today, furnishing that nourish external media in the main behave CDs. All these systems admit analog-to-digital sound stowage and playback.

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Equipment that back moral media collectively operate MP3 list. Phone boundary supported remote load systems allow for a union via an analog call boundary and dialing the amount accessory to the one. In 1962, Levy detect a proposition with the ring lines at his factory. Music on occupy was created by Alfred Levy, an contriver, hattery bearer, and entrepreneur. Some older systems may still use tape tapes (sometimes occupy uninterrupted-ring), or reel-to-stagger ferret players. This made the construction a immense grantee so that the sound air token from a radio situation next passage would transmit through the loose bug and could be auricular when calls were put on hold.[1] Levy patented his manufacture in 1966.[2] While other advancements have arrive to vary and advanced the technology, it was this incipient conspicuous creation that set about the maneuver for today’s music on continue.

Equipment and reformat
Most MOH systems are integrated into a telephone system designed for businesses via an sound simpleton on the ring accoutering ticket “MOH”. Several types of one wanton these record.

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